Frequently asked



Yes, our restaurant and catering service is available around the year, except Christmas and Midsummer time. Our saunas and wow-balls are bookable only in summer season.

We have comfortable seats for 158 people. We are allowed to take max 200 people in the restaurant at the time. However, events with large number of guests need a special arrangement.

The venue is so cozy, warm and beautiful that even a small group can feel very welcome and cozy. You can also choose to book only the smaller wood hall or even smaller beach sauna with lounge.

Unfortunately, we don’t have accommodation facilities. For few people, it is possible to stay at our private beach sauna. We recommend hotels in the center of Uusikaupunki located 5-7km from the venue.

Yes. Long aisle in the middle of the restaurant is particularly good for the ceremony. Also, the beautiful neighborhood area in the nature gives lot of possibilities for your ceremony.

It is important for us to provide consistent quality as well as quality food, and for this reason it’s unfortunately not possible to use your own food or catering service in our restaurant. The catering of the events is mainly handled by our company’s own catering service or, if necessary, a few of our high-quality partners.

Our restaurant doesn’t have a license for serving alcohol. That means that you can bring your own alcohol. You need to make a notice to police department if you serve alcohol in your event, you can do it yourself or we can do it for you.

All dining utensils and catering equipment are included to menu price.

You can rent tablecloth to be ready at the table. You can deliver napkins in advance for us to prepare them or you can order them from us. We have several vases for you to use in your event.

Our unique and beautiful venue is already decorated and ready to use, so it is very easy for you to organize your event. However, you are allowed to bring your own decoration as well. We recommend that you discuss with our professional staff first, because we have lot of decorations in our stock room for you to use in decoration.

Our restaurant hall is one big place where all the quests can fit together. Dancefloor is located at the beginning of the dining room. The floor at the hall is beautiful and shiny white wood floor.

The wedding couple gets a wonderful wedding sofa for them to use. There is also a cozy fireplace in the restaurant, and it can be used to create a lovely ambience, and in the wintertime, it also warms the place.

The restaurant has a specific drink table corner with frozen pools for bottles and cans. Wine boxes can be part of the black barrels so that it can be used by tap. For bool, there is tap tank covered with haystacks.

In addition, there is also a wonderful tea point where each guest can choose their favorite Vihreä Lammas tea and brew it in their own glass jug

The lights can be set from lovely bright light to cozy warm light. 80 real candles are also giving a unique warm light to the restaurant and are included in the rent. If you want to use special candles, you can deliver them to the restaurant.

The band will play next to dance floor. There is no official backstage for band.

Yes. In the restaurant hall you will find a complete sound system with microphones (2 wireless, 1 wired). At both ends of the restaurant hall are placed large white screens and one screen in front of the fireplace, where you can send picture from the computer in the middle of the restaurant hall. Computer can be added to the sound system as well.

Smoking is obviously forbidden inside the restaurant. There is a specific marked smoking area outside.

Right in front of the entrance you will find a large self-service cloakroom where guests can leave their clothes. Kartanon Karkuri is not responsible for clothes left in the cloakroom.

Yes, there are 5 highchairs.

There is a big parking area in front of the restaurant.

No, you should not. It’s part of our service to take care of it.

There is an old real sleigh at the entrance hall, and it is used as a gift sleigh. If you receive valuable gifts, such as money letters, you can store them in the locked mailbox next to the sleigh.

The basic cleaning is included in the rent. If you have used your own decorations, it is your responsibility to collect and transport them away as well. We charge 150 euros for special cleaning, such as vomiting.

The rental of the restaurant ends according to the contract at 1:00AM, the light signal will be given half an hour earlier at 12:30AM. If you want to celebrate longer, it is negotiable, but for extra hours we charge an hourly rate for each starting hour.

The rental price of the restaurant includes 2 hours decoration time the day before your party between 1:00PM and 6:00PM. Overtime, as well as hours after 6PM according to the restaurants price list.

As agreed with the restaurant, the next day after 12PM.

For private reservations booking fee is 30% of the total rental price. The booking fee is not refundable if you cancel your booking. For business reservations there is no booking fee. For more detailed cancellation conditions can be found in the rental conditions.

Absolutely. We offer you two different sauna options during the summer season. One is right next to the restaurant area with wood fired hot tub and the other one is our cozy beach sauna with lovely cottage lounge by the Baltic Sea.

Our restaurant has modern conference equipment for meetings and corporate events of all sizes. Large screens are placed at both ends of the restaurant hall, as well as large display screen in front of the fireplace. HDMI or VGA cables can be used to connect your device. If you have Apple MacBook, please bring your own adapter with you.

The restaurant hall also has Wi-Fi connection, a flip chart and sound system at your disposal. For smaller meetings you can also book our smaller restaurant hall, which also has a screen, Wi-Fi connection and a flip chart.