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Tilausravintola Kartanon Karkuri

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Since 2009

"Companies talk about customers. We talk about guests"

- Tuula Anttila, Catering Hostess

Our company was founded in 2009. It all started because of love. Our first quest was Tuula Anttila, the founder of the company herself. She was planning her own wedding and wanted it to be the most beautiful wedding party ever seen. Today we have the same passion for organizing the most memorable weddings.
In 2019 our business started to develop and focus more in catering services especially on special dietaries. Today we are well known for our gluten free kitchen and our top selling product gluten free finnish archipelago bread is not only for special occasions, it has become a part of everyday life for many people. That and all the other products are baked many times a week based on orders.

From myrica gale mead


Ocean of the candles are shining bright from the windows of Kartanon Karkuri venue. Beat of the music gives a rhythm to the night and tempting smell of tonight’s dinner attracts you to enter to the venue. The party is about to start. The same candle light also lit up the evening over 500 years ago when local people prepared traditional mead.

In between of Erich Flemings domesday book was found her wife’s Hebla Siggentytär’s old recipe for making mead from Middle Ages. Sundolm’s and Kartanon Karkuri’s lands have a long tradition for making mead and strong beer. In the valley on Vallainen in the Arvassalo area it took lot of patience and temper to go through the long process of preparation 500 years ago. After preparation the beverage was stored in oak barrels for one year before it was ready to be bottled. When the beverage was finally ready to taste people gathered together and everyone drank from the special kousa which was going around in the table. Myrica gale, honey and hop gave the specific taste to mead. Hop made it to taste bitter with fruity flavours and prevented the beverage to go bad.

Today, 500 years later, champagne glasses are filled, selection of quality wines are being tasted while with love cooked dinner is being carried to the tables. Fireplace spreads warm light around the place and somehow you can feel how the history meets today in this historical venue.

The area of Kartanon Karkuri was part of Sundholm’s land and it has been inhabited since the 14th century. The woods, rocks, hills and beaches have seen how centuries change and generations come one after another. Many kind of destinies from happy marriages to the death sentences and many other dramatic stories of people who have been living in the land. The owner families has been changing during years with many historically significant persons, e.g. Fleming’s family, rich Ålan’s family and even bishop Maunu Tavast owned land at his time.

Today’s owner Tuula Anttila stepped in to dark and abandoned barn in a gloomy November in 2006. Was it the spirits of the Flemings or wishes from 100 years ago by Sundolhm’s maids or just an intuition of sensitive person like Tuula that made her to imagine warm atmosphere with candle light and white coloured walls with good calm vibes?

The future was sealed when Tuula said, “I do” in her own wedding in 2007. The dark and abandoned barn was shining bright and full of happiness and joy. And today its walls can light up up to 200 people at the same time when people get together to celebrate. Tables are filled with delicious food, music plays and tempts you to the dance floor. When the evening turns to a night and if you let your imagination fly you might hear Fleming’s horse carts in the sand, see bishop Maunu Tavast making the sign of the Cross to bless the fields or notice how prisoners are being carried to the Teilimäki.

We are not alone

Together with our partners

Tilausravintola Kartanon Karkuri
Tuula Anttila

Tuula Anttila

Catering Hostess

Tuula is the heart of our business. She’s a hardworking entrepreneur who runs the business with love and puts all in when it’s about how to make a memorable party.



Booking Agency

Ohjelmanurkka is a varied booking agency.
Artist booking, Dj booking, Sound and Light and many other services for your party.

Eckerö Line

Eckerö Line

Shipping Company

Eckerö Line operates with two vessels in Finland between Helsinki and Tallinn (Estonia). Planning a party can be stressful time so we offer you a little break in a shopping cruise.

Duo Piia & Make

Duo Piia & Make

Musician Duo

Piia’s and Make’s beautiful and touching show can be customized from love ballades to the dance music with their own songs or songs by other artists.

Järven Kello & Kulta

Järven Kello ja Kulta

Watch and Jewellery Shop

Järven Kello ja Kulta already in four generations with 90 years of profession with watches and jewellery. Check out their beautiful wedding ring collection.



Show Firework

SkyStar’s heart shaped fireworks will be the cherry on the top of your party. Choose your style from small show up to the huge show in the sky.




Traditional catering services with a new taste. Long experience and continuous training ensure you a memorable and delicious tastes.




Poukanville’s kitchen in Laitila makes a traditional handmade buffet with professional touch and competitive prices.


Click HP Turku

Staffing Services

Trusted and reliable staffing services since 2008. If you’re interested in a part time job in Kartanon Karkuri Click HP Turku will process all the applications and requirements.



Music services

Musiikkitupa offers a variety of music services for all ages in Uusikaupunki and the surrounding area.

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